Bomb attack in Iraq kills two British soldiers

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A roadside bomb attack by insurgents near Basra, Iraq has killed two British soldiers. The explosion also injured two other soldiers, who are being treated at Shaibah Logistics Base. The troops were travelling on patrol as part of a convoy 15 miles (9 km) from Basra when it was attacked at approximately 1300 local time.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said: “It is with great regret that we can confirm that two British soldiers have died as a result of an attack on a British patrol. One other British soldier was seriously injured, and a further one suffered minor injuries. Both have been evacuated for emergency medical care and taken by helicopter to a British Field Hospital at Shaibah Logistics Base.”

A British base in Basra was also hit with a mortar or rocket attack in a separate incdent. The attack set fire to boats inside the base. Military spokesman have reported no c … Read More


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